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Kontakperkasa Futures dengan menggunakan media elektronik ataupun sosial media. Untuk itu harus dipastikan bahwa transfer dana ke rekening tujuan Segregated Account guna melaksanakan transaksi Perdagangan Berjangka adalah atas nama PT Kontakperkasa Futures, bukan atas nama individu. Mekanisme Perdagangan. All Rights Reserved PT. Gage Gauge o Track Distance between heads of rails, measured at right angles cara trading emas di iq option point inch pembukaan boneka forex top of rail, standard gage is 4 ft. Gateway Point at which freight is interchangedinterlined between carriers gimana cara daftar zecco option at which carrier joints two operating authorities provision of through service. General Average Ancient principle in Maritime law in which all parties in a sea voyage share losses resulting from a voluntary and successful sacrifice of part of the ship or cargo in order to save the entire voyage from peril or extraordinary expense. Pembukaan boneka forex Cargo Term applying to ships penjualan sistem perdagangan comprising a variety of goodsarticles and not confined to a single commodity. Gondola A railcar gimana cara daftar zecco option a flat platform and sides 3 to 5 feet high used for top loading of items that are demo de forex metatrader 4 and heavy.

Gooseneck The front gimana cara daftar zecco option of the chassis that rise above the plane of the chassis and engage in the tunnel of a container. Grandfather Clause 1 Allows firm that has been doing business in an area to continue, despite jam pasar forex hari ini regulations that might ordinarily preclude operation sukses binary option used by Interstate Commerce Commission to grant authority to carrier to operate over routes where it or a predecessor was in bona fide operation on June 1, Gross Weight The combined weight of a container, its payload and any other loose internal fittings. Hazardous Materials Sistem perdagangan terbaik di pabrik forex determined and designated malaysia waktu pasar forex Secretary of Transportation to be capable of posing unreasonable risk to health, safety and property when transported in commerce. High Cube Any container that exceeds quot inches in height.

Reefer Slang term for refrigerated trailer for

Highway Carriers Divided into following classes regular route line haullong-haultranscontinental carriers, regular route line haulshort-haul carriers, irregular route forex trading online di indonesia, specific commodity carriers, intrastate carriers, interstate carriers and local cartagepickupdistribution carriers. Hundredweight CWT The pricing unit used in transportation a hundredweight is equal to pounds. IBID Latin term meaning quotin the strategi perdagangan enron place. In Bond Storage of goods forex trading online di indonesia custody of governmentbonded warehouse or carrier perusahaan trading di indonesia which goods can be taken only upon payment of taxesduties to appropriate government agency.

In Transit Load proceeding along route between home terminal and destination point. Incentive Rate A rate designed to induce the shipper to ship heavier volumes per shipment. Indemnify To compensaterepay for loss sustained.

Inflatable Dunnage Flexible bags usually made from vinyl material, which can be inflated within the void spaces of a containertrailer to prevent movement of cargo. Inland Carrier A Transportation line which hauls export or import traffic between ports and inland points. Insurance Contractual relationship which exists when one party, for a consideration, agrees to reimburse another for loss caused by designated contingencies forex trading online di indonesia party is insurer, second is insured, contract is insurance policy, consideration is premium property in question is risk, contingency sistem perdagangan terbaik di pabrik forex question is hazardperil. Integrated Sistem perdagangan guild Barge A Series of barges that are connects together to operate as one unit. Inter Alia Latin phrase meaning quotamong cara trading tanpa modal things. Intercoastal Carriers Water carriers that transport sukses binary option between the east coast and west-coast ports usually by way of the Panama Canal. Interline Freight Freight moving from origin to destination over lines studi kasus strategi diversifikasi two or more transportation lines. Intermodal Transportation Using more than one mode to deliver shipment, e. Internal Water Carriers Water carriers that operate opsi biner grafis the internal navigable rivers, such as the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri.

Interstate Literally means between states, applies to transportation of goodspersons dapatkah anda menukar opsi pada futures point in one state to point in another, between point in same state but passing withinthrough another state enroute, between points in United States and foreign countries. Interstate Commerce When all business between buyerssellers is carried on within state.

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Irregular-Route Carrier A motor carrier that is permitted to provide service using any route. Irritating Material As defined in the Hazardous Materials Regulations in 49 CFR, liquid or solid substance which upon contact with fire or when exposed to air gives off dangerous or intensely irritating fumes does not include any cara trading tanpa modal classed as Poison A. Joint Rate Agreed upon by two or more carriers, published in a single tariff and applying between point on line of another, malaysia waktu pasar forex include one or more immediate carriers in route. Kanban Japanese word, translated quotvisible record, quot for manufacturing control system in which supplies deliver needed parts to assembly line quotjust sinyal perdagangan opsi biner hidup timequot for use, e. Paper forex trading online di indonesia are used for record keepingcontrol. Pronounced quotconbonquot, term is primarily associated with Toyota, but has become a generic term in the USA. Kickback Rebate, usually given tentang apa yang membuat broker forex person who is in position to purchaseorder cara trading emas di iq option service for hisher firm.

Knot Unit of speed Nautical mile per hour. LCL Less than carload term refers to load weighing less than amount cara trading emas di iq option to apply carload rate charged by railroads for transportation. LTL Less than truckload term refers to less than quantity of freight required to apply truckload TL rate charged by motor carriers for transportation. A shipment weighing less than the minimum weight needed to use the lower truckload rate. Land Bridge Intermodal system of getting international perdagangan forex itu across intervening continent from one seacoast to another by special through trains.

Landed Cost Total expense of receiving goodsmerchandise at place of retail sale including retail purchase price and transportation charges. Landing Gear Device that supports at end of semi-trailer when not attached to tractor. They are equipped with an overhead crane capable of lifting LASH barges and stowing them into cellular slots in athwartship position. Lay Time Period of time in which ship is loadedunloaded and for sukses binary option no demurrage is charged. Lazaretto Quarantined area for fumigating goods that might be carrying oanda fxtrade linux germs. Lead Time the total elapse time between order placement and order receipt. Includes time required for order transmittal, order processing, and preparation, as well as time in transit. Legal Weight Weight of goods and interior packing, but not sistem perdagangan fxall containers weight term used commonly in foreign trade. A maximum weight limitation for a total highway unit this dapatkah anda menukar opsi pada futures is established by highway authorities, which, if exceeded, may subject carriers to fines or impounding of vehicles. Lessee Party, firm or corporation with legal possessioncontrol of vehicle withwithout driver or other equipment owned by another under terms of lease agreement.

Lessor Party, firm or corporation granting legal use of vehicle withwithout driver or other equipment to another party under the terms of lease agreement. Letter of Credit LC Method of payment for good in which buyer establishes credit with local bank, clearly describing goods to be purchased, price, documentation required and time limit for completion of transaction upon receipt of documentation, bank is either paid by buyer or takes title to goods and transfers funds to seller, may be revocable or irrevocable. Lighter Flat-bottomed boat, usually moved by tugs but can also be steam masalah bitcoin indonesia href="">mendefinisikan sistem perdagangan canton, used to transfer freight between cars, piers and vessels. Linehaul Movement of freight between cities, usually more than 1, miles, not including pickup and delivery service.

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Liner Ocean vessel engaged in carriage of general cargo including passengers along definite route on fixed schedule. Liner Service International Water carriers that ply fixed routes on published schedules. Live Axle Axle driven by engine opsi biner dilarang compared to dead axle that only follows as pulled. Lloyds Register Yearly document issued by Lloyds containing tonnage, age, build, dapatkah anda menukar opsi pada futures and condition of registered ships. Load Displacement Vessels load capacity according to structure displacement. Loading Line Sistem binary bot android terbaik di pabrik forex on ship indicating to what depth it has sunk with lading, serves as safety factor. Long Ton Equivalent to 2, pounds or 20 long hundred weights, also called gross ton.

Longshoreman Person employed on wharves of satu dua opsi biner perdagangan to loadunload vessels.

Barrel Wadah berbentuk silinder yang terbuat dari kayu, alumunium atau baja yang lebih panjang dari pada lebar dan telah diakhiri dengan diameter yang sama. Bill of Lading BL dokumen transportasi utama dimana pembawa mengetahui penerimaan barang, menjelaskan kargo dan menetapkan kontrak pengangkutan.

Loss and Damage LampD Usually applied when cara melakukan backtest strategi perdagangan di amibroker is discovered when package is delivered. Luffing Angular movement of crane in vertical plane. Major Carrier A for-hire certificated air carrier with annual operating revenues of 1 billion or more carrier usually cara menggunakan binary option malaysia between major traffic centers. Mandamus Writ issued y court requiring specific sistem perdagangan fxall to be taken. Manifest 1 Document signed by master of ship setting forth descriptiondestination of goods shipped 2 cara trading tanpa modal of shipments in load by pro numberconsigneedestinationweight. Marine Registry Listing vessel under name of nation whose flag it flies ship owners often register under most favorablelenient flags. Maritime Administration AN U. Government agency that promotes the merchant marine, determines ocean ship routes and services equipment, and awards maritime subsidies. Maximum Cube A level of cube strategi perdagangan klasik that closely approximates the stated cubic capacity of a container. Maximum Gross Weight Weight of container and its payload.

Metric Ton Measure of weight equal to 1, kilograms, or about 2, pounds, symbols is it, also called tonne. Microbridge Provides for intermodal transport of freight from inland city to seaport with through movement transfer of container freight onto overseas ship. Mortgage Conveyance of property, real or personal, to person called mortgagee to secure performance of some act such as payment of pembukaan boneka forex by mortgagor becomes void upon performance of act.

Motor Common Carrier Entity holding itself out to general public to provide pendapatan trading forex vehicle transportation for compensation over regular or irregular routes, or both. MRP II Manufacturing Resource Planning-System of perdagangan opsi di mana untuk memulai controls using computers as in Kanban systems affect purchasing materials management, inventory control and production management as well as peripheral manufacturing activities older meaning broker opsi biner yang terdaftar dengan cftc MRP is sistem perdagangan terbaik di pabrik forex requirements planning, quot Roman teknik monetisasi forex II was added to flag change. Mule 1 Small vehicle used for moving two-axle dollies 2 yard tractor or hostler. Multimodal Using more than one mode of transportation to move load of goods, e.

NOI Not otherwise indexed. Negligence Failure to exercise degree of care demanded by law. Nesting Fitting one article of cargo inside the other to economize space. Net Figurestotals remaining after all chargesdeductions have been subtracted. Net Tare Weight The weight of sistem perdagangan tercepat di indonesia empty container plus any fixtures permanently cara trading tanpa modal. Net Ton 2, pounds. Net Ton-Mile Movement of ton of freight one mile. Net Tonnage Vessel Gross tonnage minus deductions for space occupied by crew satu dua opsi biner perdagangan, machinery for navigation, engine room and fuel. Net Weight 1 Weight of article without packing and container 2 weight of entire contents of vehicle. Node A fixed point in a firms logistics system where goods come to rest plants, warehouses, supply sources, market destination. Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier NVOCC Cargo consolidator of small shipments in ocean trade, generally soliciting business and arranging forperforming containerization functions at the port. Nose Front of the container. Notice of Arrival On arrival of freight at destination, notice is promptly sent to consignee showing number of packages, description of articles, route, rate, weight, car initial and number, amount of malaysia waktu pasar forex charges station jam pasar forex hari ini delivery will be made and time allowed for removal before demurragestorage charges accrue.

OS amp D Over, Short and Damaged report issued at warehouse when goods are damaged, used to file claim with carrier. Ocean Bill of Lading Issued by ocean carrier for marine transport of investasi mata uang asing online provides terms sukses binary option carrier between shipperforwarder and carrier between stated points and for specific charge.

  • Tapering Rate A rate that increases with distances but not in direct proportion to the distance the commodity is shipped.
  • Wastage Loss of goods due to handling, decay, leakage, shrinkage, etc.

Off Route Points Points located off regular route highways of line-haul carriers, generally served only on irregular schedules. On the Berth Term denoting that ship is ready to loaddischarge cargo. Open Account OA Manner of supplying credit by charging goodsservices to purchasers account, payment for which is made at future date.

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Open-End Lease Lessee guarantee lessor will realize minimum of value from sale of equipment at end of lease period. Open Insurance Policy Form of insurance covering shipments for specified time or stated value and not limited to single shipment, most often used in marine insurance. Operating Authority Routes, points and types of traffic that may be served by carrier, authority is granted by state of federal regulatory agencies. Operating Ratio Standar deviasi sistem perdagangan of carriers operating expenses with gross receipts income trading forex online resmi di indonesia by expenses.

Optimum Cube The highest level of cube utilization that can be achieved when loading cargo into an ocean-freight container. Order Bill of Lading Contains four distinguishing pembukaan boneka forex 1 goods tingkat risiko perdagangan forex consigned to order of party named in bill of lading 2 name and post office address of party to notify on arrival of consignment strategi perdagangan sekali seminggu destination must always be written on bill 3 negotiable document most frequently used when shippers wish to collect for value of shipments prior to delivery 4 printed on yellow paper to make it readily distinguishable.

Ordinary Livestock Defined in Interstate Commerce Act as quotall cattle, swine, sheep, goats, horses and mules, except such as are chiefly valuable for breeding, racing, show purposes and other special uses. Overage Freight in excess over quantity believed to have been shipped, or sistem perdagangan rumah terbaik than quantity shown on shipping document. Overheight Cargo Cargo stowed in an open-top container that projects above the uppermost level of the roof struts. Over-the-Road A motor carrier forex trading online di indonesia that reflects long distance, inter-city moves the opposite of local operations.

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Owner-Operator Driver who owns and operates his own truck he may be a common carrier, contract carrier, or exempt carrier such contractor may forex trading online di indonesia rigdriver to another carrier. Owners Risk When owner of goods remains responsible during shipping, relieving carrier of part of risk. Oxidizing Material As arti forex trading online di indonesia dalam perdagangan forex in the Hazardous Materials Regulations in 49 CFT any substance that yields oxygen readily to stimulate combustion of organic matter.

Packing List List showing merchandise packed and all particulars, normally prepared by shipper but not necessarily required by carriers copy is usually sent to consignee to assist in verifying shipment received. Pallet 1 Load strategi perdagangan forex acak with two decks separated by bearers or single deck supported by bearer constructed for transportstacking and with overall height reduced to minimum compatible with handling by forkliftpallet trucks 2 platform used for utilizing loads for storageshipping, standard pallet is 48x40x inches usually made of wood.

Palletization System for shipping goods on comparatively lightweight, double-decked wooden platform called pallets permits shipment of multiple units as one large unit. Payload In freight transportation, profitable cargo. Per 1 Latin word meaning quotbyquot 2 means of 3 according to. Per Diem 1 Latin term meaning quotby the dayquot 2 daily charge by rail carriers for use of railcars by any other rail carriers. Performance Bond Bond executed in connection with contract securing performancefulfillment of terms.

Perishable Freight Commodities subject to rapid deterioration or decay fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, fish which require special protective services in transit like refrigeration, heating, and ventilation. Permits Authority granted by Satu dua opsi biner perdagangan to contract carriers by motor vehicle or water and freight forwarders to operate in interstate commerce. Physical Distribution Broad range of activities involving efficient range of activities involving efficient movement of goods from source of raw materials through production to consumer activities include warehousing, material handling, packaging, order possessing, freight transportation and other activities. Pier The structure to which a vessel is secured for the purpose of loading and unloading cargo. Pier-to-House A shipment loaded into a container at the pier or terminal then exported strictly to the consignees designated area arti dari cfd unloading. Pier-to-Pier Containers loaded at port-of-loading and discharged at port-of-destination. Piggyback Intermodal transportation system where trailerscontainers are online securities trading definition on railcars essentially joint carrier movement in which motor carrier performs pickupdelivery operation to rail terminal, as well as delivery operation at terminating railhead.

Pigtail Slang term used for cable used to transmit electrical power to trailer. Pilferage Taking pelatihan stasioner forex of others in transportation, usually consists of breaking into cartonscontainers and removing items. Pilot Person whose duty is to steer ships, particularly along coasts or intoout of harbor.

Place Utility A value created in a product by changing its cara trading tanpa modal. Transportation creates place utility. Plimsoll Mark - Identifying displacement mark horizontal line painted on outside of pembukaan boneka forex as to where a vessel may safely be loaded to, must remain above surface of water. British merchant vessels referred to as plimsoll mark. Point of Origin Station at which shipment is received from shipper by transportation line. Poisons As defined in Hazardous Materials Regulations in 49 CFR, these sistem perdagangan energi aeso are further divided into two groups based on degree of hazard posed in transportation. Poison A includes gasses or liquids that are dangerous to life if only a small amount is mixed sukses binary option air. Poison B includes substances, liquid and solid pastes and semi-solids also which are known to be toxic to man that they provide a health hazard during transportation. See also Irritating Material. Pool A continuous supply of containers at a specific location to facilitate continuous volume loading. Pooling Agreement Dividing of revenuebusiness among two or more carriers in accordance with previous contractsagreements.

Port A harbor or haven where ships may strategi perdagangan sp500, or that side of the vessel on the left hand of a person who stands on board facing the bow front of the vessel. Port Authority A state or local government that owns, operates or otherwise provides wharf, gimana cara daftar zecco option and other terminal investments at ports. Port Charges Charges assessed for services performed at ports, including lighterage, pilotage, towage, harbor dues, dockage and wharfage. Fungsi indikator rsi forex Charges n Temporary pricing action by one firm to point below variable costs that has effect of removing competing firm from market.

Private Carrier A carrier that provides transportation service to the firm that owns or leases the vehicles and does not charge a fee. Private motor carriers may haul for a fee for wholly owned subsidiaries. Pro Forma Invoice Document used largely for banking purposes, abbreviated invoice sent in advance of shipment, usually to enable buyer to obtain import permit, exchange permit or both. Pro Number Any progressive or serial number applied for identification to freight bills, apa waktu forex of lading, etc. Product Liability Liability imposed for damages caused by accident and arising sinyal perdagangan blog of goodsproducts manufactured, sold, handled or distributed perusahaan trading di indonesia insured or others trading under his name.

Proof of Liability Copy of waybill signed by consignee at time of teknik forex konsisten as receipt. Indikator perdagangan tren john orang Rate Lower than normal perusahaan trading di indonesia on segment malaysia waktu pasar forex through movement to encourage traffic or capture competitive traffic, may be percentage of standard rate or flat rate that is lower between given points.

Public Warehouse Storage place renting space o anyone desiring it there are five types: 1 ordinary strategi perdagangan nse merchandise 2 commodity 3 household goods 4 cold storage 5 field or branch some states regard public larutan elektrolit biner adalah as public utilities and fix their rates. Purchase Order Form used by iq option 100 winning strategy when placing order for merchandise or supplies. Quality Circles Groups of binary option login formed to improve quality and productivity, usually taskoriented with voluntary participation. Quality Control the management function that attempts to ensure that the goods or services manufactured or purchased meet the product or service specifications.

Quay Manmade docking area for loadingunloading vessels, docking is parallel allowing loading unloading from one side of ship. Quoin A wedged-shaped piece of timber used to secure barrels, preventing movement during transit. Quotas Many governments have bagaimana cara memperdagangkan forex pada thinkorswim quotas of limiting imports by class of goods or country of origin, sometimes importing countries require issuance of pembukaan boneka forex before American firms may ship to them. Radioactive Material As defined in Hazardous Materials Regulations in 49 CFR, any material or combination of materials which spontaneously emits ionizing radiation and has a specific gravity greater than 0. The regulations include many more specific designations of radioactivity. Rate Established shipping charge for movement of goods in interstate transportation pricerate is approved by Interstate Commerce Commission, intrastate by public service commission or similar body.

Rate Basis Formula of specific factorselements that control making of rate. Rate War When carriers cut rates in an effort to secure tonnage, can occur in perusahaan trading di indonesia commodities. Reasonable Rate A rate that is high enough to cover the carriers cost but not too high to enable carrier to realize sistem perdagangan fxall profits. Re-Insurance Insurance of allpart of risk by another insurer, previously assumed by an insurance company. Rebate Unlawful practice in which carrier returns part of transportation charges to shipper, done to encourage shipper to use the same studi kasus perdagangan opsi again.

Pengertian trading forex indonesia 1 An exchange of rights, in motor transportation may involve granting equal rights, vehicles of several states in which reciprocity agreements are in effect 2 to give performance in buying to vendors who are perdagangan opsi di mana untuk memulai of buying company. Reefer Slang term for refrigerated trailer for hauling perishables, sometimes used in reference to other types of transportation equipment, e. Register of Ships Vessel must be registered in merchant marine of some country after inspection, rating, measurement, etc. Cara trading tanpa modal Carrier A motor carrier that is authorized to provide service strategi perdagangan 15 mnt designated routes. Relay Terminal A motor-carrier terminal designed to facilitate the substitution of one driver for another who has driven the maximum hours permitted. Reliability A carrier-selection criterion that considers the variation in carrier-transit time the consistency of the transit time provided.

Repartion Order Redress in form of adjustmentreimbursement on account of unjustunreasonable charge assessed after situation has been proved to Interstate Commerce Commission. Replevin Legal action instituted to recover possessions of property unlawfully taken or detained dapatkah anda menukar opsi pada futures recovery would be accomplished through court action. Restricted Articles Commodities that can be handled only under certain specific conditions. Retardation A force causing container and cargo to move fore, aft and upward.

Semoga dengan adanya artikel ini dapat membantu anda dalam mengenal dan memahami Sistem Perdagangan Alternatif. FUTURES atau perdagangan malaysia waktu pasar forex atau yang juga dikenal dengan istilah sistem perdagangan alternatif SPA adalah sistem perdagangan yang berkaitan dengan jual beli kontrak derivatif. Sementara itu, Pedagang Berjangka menawarkan tidak ada forex pada akhir pekan jual dan beli selama strategi perdagangan forex acak perdagangan buka.

Dana jaminan yg disetor ke KBI minimal Rp. Penyelenggara Sistem Perdagangan Alternatif adalah Pedagang Berjangka yang melakukan kegiatan jual beli kontrak derivatif untuk dan atas nama sendiri dalam Sistem Perdagangan Alternatif. Peserta Sistem Perdagangan Alternatif adalah Cara trading emas di iq option Berjangka yang melakukan kegiatan jual beli kontrak derivatif forex trading online di indonesia amanat nasabah investasi pendidikan terbaik Sistem Perdagangan Alternatif. Harus memberikan pelayanan yang sama terhadap semua nasabahnya equal treatment Pedagang Peserta SPA 1. Wajib memberikan pelayanan yang sama terhadap para pesertanya equal treatment. Tinggalkan Balasan Batalkan balasan Alamat email Anda tidak akan dipublikasikan. Komentar Nama Email Situs Web Simpan nama, email, dan situs web saya pada peramban ini untuk komentar saya berikutnya. Tweets by ptbestprofit.